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Special Services Librarian/Learning Resource Specialist in County Office of Education. Graduate student working on my MLIS. Avid reader, eternal critic, and life-long library advocate.

CAUTION: Contents May be Graphic (aka Reality in Teen Fiction)

How much reality is too much? And if it is FICTION, how real could it be? There is some pretty graphic reality fiction on the YA shelves today – detailed descriptions and literary depictions that are shocking and frightening.  I … Continue reading

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Bookopolis = “Goodreads for kids”

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Bookopolis – a social gathering place for kids to share book reviews and recommendations, earn digital badges for sharing their opinions about what they read, expand their own reading based on other recommendations, and find out…

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Cool Tool | Tynker

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Programming is the new literacy, the people behind this company believe, and the ability to program is what separates those who simply have an idea from those who make their ideas a reality. Tynker is…

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