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OK – I am no programmer but this tool is amazing and it does exactly what it says it will: allows students to perform PBL tasks with minimal prior experience and build on knowledge they develop as they move through the courses. Oh, and it’s fun! imagine that – lessons that keep kids engaged and actually make them smile at the same time. STEM – gotta love it!

CREDIT TynkerProgramming is the new literacy, the people behind this company believe, and the ability to program is what separates those who simply have an idea from those who make their ideas a reality. Tynker is a new online platform that easily and successfully teaches students introductory computer programming, so they can learn how to code through the activities they already love: games and stories. Tynker lessons not only make it easy for students to understand abstract programming concepts, but they learn how to apply concepts to different projects, games and scenarios that they enjoy. They can use their coding skills to easily create games and quizzes, and animations that explain math concepts, or complex science topics. With this curriculum, students learn the fundamentals of programming language without the frustrations of traditional syntax. These benefits also meet many of the criteria demanded by today’s rigorous standards, and kids are also learning…

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